Do you have a Library card?

Did you ever think about how much power a library card  has to give? A library card expand your mind, broaden your skills and enhance your future.  It allows you to travel to other places and time. It allows you to open a window on the world in which you live. Study the received wisdom or explore a different point of view   Its easy and its free of charge. The Nichols Library in Center Harbor  s open to residents not only of  Center Harbor, but to those of neighboring communities and to seasonal guests.

So, celebrate National Library Card Month with a trip to the Nichols Library.  Get your own library card. Or, dust off  the one you have and put it to good use.  Browse for current bestsellers and under-the-radar classics.  Catch up on the local news or browse a magazine.  Take out an audiobook as a companion for your chores, trips and workouts.   Like Movies? We have classics, and popular series like Downton Abbey and Doc Martin in addition to recent box office hits. Have some studying to do? We have access to resources that can help you with schoolwork, finding new author favorites, genealogies and personal research Our desktop computers (new this year!) and wifi link (snappy new modem and router!) are ready for use.  We are also your passport to the NH/Overdrive downloadable eBook and audios.

Just this week, we had a patron come back who had been away for a while. They had gotten a Kindle, but came back because they felt like handling a book again. Kindles are all well and fine, but not only can you get a good back at the library, our staff can help you find new books and authors.  And if we don’t have it here, we can often get it for you from another NH Library.

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