Election Eve Movies

Looking for a DVD to distract you while election returns are coming in? Here’s some election-themed cinema to keep you entertained but on-topic. On the lighter side, there is Wag the Dog (Dustin Hoffman), in which a Hollywood producer joins forces with a shady operative to paper-over an emerging scandal. Satire doesn’t get any better. In Bullworth (Warren Beatty), a candidate decides to speak his mind instead of talking points –in a hip-hop kind of way. The conspiracy-minded can stay tantalizing on-edge with A Face in the Crowd (Andy Griffith), which profiles a pseudo-populist working as a front for vested interests. Seven Days in May (Kirk Douglas) explores the “can’t happen here” machinations of a military coup while The Manchurian Candidate spins a plot to assassinate a popular candidate. More earnest but still dramatic? Try All the King’s Men (Sean Penn), which attempts to get to the bottom of a populist’s appeal. Finally, The Ides of March (George Clooney) says a pox on all their houses. Something for everybody.

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1 Response to Election Eve Movies

  1. Jon Kinnaman says:

    Not in the library but worth seeking out: Primary Colors, The Candidate, Bob Roberts, Meet John Doe, Shampoo, The Great McGinty.

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