Dont “Pass” These Up!

Two great evenLethal Beautyts you can attend for little or no cost with our museum pass program !  Ask at the library for details or give us a call (253-6950).

Lethal Beauty: Samurai Weapons and Armor (Currier Museum, Manchester). On display until May5th, shows  the striking duality of deadly weaponry and artistic beauty from the Samurai culture of centuries past. The features full suits of armor, helmets, face masks, long and short swords, daggers and more.  Our pass grants admission to the museum but there is a $5 charge for the exhibit). Check here for museum hours.

Japanese Weapons of World War II.  (The Wright Museum, Wolfeboro). The last of the this year’s Cabin Fever lecture series presents a fascinating show-and-tell survey of World War II era Japanese weapons.  Rifles, pistols, revolvers, swords, and other items will be discussed in detail by lifelong collector Mike Hashem.  Sunday, April 07, 2013 at 2:00pm.  Call ahead for reservations.

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1 Response to Dont “Pass” These Up!

  1. Karin Karagozian says:

    The Samuri exibit at the Currier is not to be missed, it’s fantastic!

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