The latest in DVDs, here and on order.  Feature films include The Butler,  an upstairs-downstairs story at the White House, with a twist.  Forrest Whittaker stars as the man who served 8 presidents.  Captain Phillips is a true story about the cargo-ship captain (Tom Hanks) whose ship was highjacked by Somali pirates.  Enough Said  is a smart rom-com starrning James Gandolfini of Sopranos fame (his last film).  In Elysium, it’s 2159. The wealthy live on a pristine space station; the rest, on a ruined Earth. Matt Damon crashes the party.   The Lone Ranger is another TV series co-opted for the big screen. Expect a “wild ride of high-velocity action, and epic surprises.”   Red 2  is a tongue-in cheek CIA thriller, featuring Bruce Willis, Anthony Hopkins  and Helen Miran. Nebraska (on order) is father-son psychodrama starring Bruce Dern.In Blue Jasmine (on order),a NY socialite (Kate Blanchette) seeks a fresh start in San Fransisco.

Series TV includes the fourth season of Downton Abbey, “the soap opera with a stiff-upper lip. ”  Writer Julian Fellowes is in top from as the cast navigates the roaring twenties.  Breaking Bad, the final season, is the curtain call for Walter White (Brian Cranston), the teacher turned drug lord. In  Doc Martin, Season 6, the uptight Doctor returns, now married and with child. And,  Sherlock Season 3 (on order) continues the adventures of Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Watson in the 21st century

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