Summer Reading –Suspense

suspenseSummer is here, and with it, the latest in suspense and crime fiction. “Summer House with Swimming pool”  by Herman Koch is an “addictive”  and “devious”  follow-up to  2013’s “The Dinner.” When actor Ralph Meier ends up dead at his summer house, his doctor, a guest, is implicated. Although Koch is not a mystery writer, he succeeds at maintaining suspense while writing a character study in sharp, incisive prose. In  “Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King, a retired detective gets a crazed note from a suepct in a cold case.  The man, who had once driven his Mercedes through a crowd of people and escaped, now promises to strike again. Midnight in Europe” by Alan Furst is a tense spy story set during the Spanish Civil War.  Cristián Ferrar, a Spanish émigré agrees to run guns for the anti-Fascist republicans, even if he must deal with the Soviets to do so.   Also in the historic mode is the second season of “The Bletchey Circle” (DVD).  Four women, code-breakers during the world war, use their knowledge of pattern recognition to solve crimes which the police are unwilling to investigate.    


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