Science Reporting that Sizzles

cow“A Big Fat Surprise” by Nina Teicholz and “Dueling Neurosurgeons” by Sam Kean offer science reporting that sizzles. In “Big Fat Surprise,” Tehchilz argues that that everything we thought we knew about dietary fat is wrong. She argues that the low-fat nutrition advice of the past sixty years is not substantiated by recent dietary studies. She goes on to say that low-fat diets have “amounted to a vast uncontrolled experiment on the entire population.” This is a “gripping read” for anyone concerned with healthy eating. “Dueling Neurosurgeons”’ delves into the strange ways we’ve learned about the workings of our brains. Author Kean explores the accidents discoveries that unveiled the workings of this organ. His “real knack for digging up strange details most textbooks leave out” makes for an ”engaging history(Science News).”

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