Remembering Sandy

Sandy_Pickel  Friends of the Nichols Library will be saddened to know that Sandra Pickel, librarian of the Nichols Library from 1993-2004, passed away last week.  Sandy was much beloved by library patrons, her co-workers and fellow librarians in the region.     Sandy’s time at the Nichols Library was ab eventful one, in which the library added modern services while retaining its distinctive charm.  The Library added its first public access computer in 1996 and automated its circulation system and catalog in 2002.  The library also completed a long range plan and made important building upgrades under her tenure.  As importantly, library use increased dramatically while Sandy was librarian. Increasing hours of operation made the library more accessible and adding computers helped bring the library up to date.    As important as these accomplishments were, Sandy will be remembered by those who knew her for her friendliness and her ability to connect with patrons.  A co-worker remembers that Sandy had a real talent for knowing what genre each of her patrons would respond to and that she was able to recognize and utilize in others any abilities she herself lacked.   One of her fellow librarians remembers her as “a lady, a professional, and a truly caring person who was an asset to her craft and to her community. Knowing Sandy? Priceless!”

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