A Notable Arrival

luckyIn “Lucky Us” by Amy Bloom (in print and audio), a pair of plucky half sisters reinvent themselves with the help of an unconventional assortment of friends and relatives. In 1939, 12-year-old Eva is abandoned by her feckless mother on her father’s Ohio doorstep. She and her half-sister Iris run away to Hollywood.  When things go awry there, the girls travel across the country to New York, where they finagle jobs at a Great Neck estate.  Through their various ups and downs, Eva, Iris and their friends “form a vividly rendered patchwork American family (straight, gay, white, black, citizen, immigrant (Publishers Weekly).”   Says Janet Maslin of the Times, this story “opens with a terrific hook and closes with an exquisite resolution” (safe to say, the middle part is good too).

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