The Current Cinema

rrmanAmong our recent arrivals in feature films is “Railway Man”, in which the survivor of a POW camp confronts his oppressor. Eric Lomax endured forced labor and torture as a Japnasese Pow camp. Still suffering the psychological trauma of his wartime experiences, he decides to find and confront one of his captors who had escaped prosecution as a war “in an attempt to let go of a lifetime of bitterness and hate”. In “Labor Day” which takes the opposite attracts theme to the limits when an escaped murderer (Josh Brolin) finds shelter with a depressed single mom (Kate Winslet). In “The Trial of Kate McCall,”  a once-hotshot lawyer is now in recovery and on probation. She takes on an appeal of a woman wrongfully convicted of murder in a effort to win back her reputation.  In “The Company You Keep”, an ex-sixties radical (Robert Redford) seeks to clear his name when his identity is exposed by an inquisitive reporter. In “Frozen Ground”, an Alaskan State Trooper (Nicolas Cage) sets out to end the murderous rampage of a serial killer.

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