New in Series DVD

“Homeland, Seaons 1-3.” Marine Nick Bordy (Damian Lewis), rescued after eight years as a POW, returns home a hero, but a CIA op (Claire Danes) suspects he may have been turned  and is working for the enemy.  This is a “taut, ingenious spy series.”  “24: Live Another Day”  offers up a timely plot regarding drone warfare and a hacker group.  Special Agent Jack Bauer is the anti-James Bond: no evening jacket, ladies or martinis (shaken or stirred). He’s an ascetic, single-minded blunt force.  “Copper,’  is set in Civil War-ear NYC, where in Irish-America cop confronts corruption amidst  the well-to-do and rebels plotting to burn the city. In “House of Cards 2“,  politician Frank  Underwood )Kevin Spacy) plays the power game.  He’s wromed his way to the Vice-Presidency but loans for the Oval Office.  In “Orange is the New Black,‘ white collar criminal Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) learns the ropes of prison life.  The series makes ingenious use of flashbacks to establish character and depth to the story.

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