New Holiday Books for kids!

sledThis December, the library added several delightful holiday books for kids and families to enjoy. ”The Iciest, Diciest, Scariest Sled Ride Ever!” by New Hampshire’s own Rebecca Rule tells what happens when an icy crust forms over the snow and a gang of kids fly down a hill on their uncle’s  homemade sled. Rule and illustrator Jennifer Thermes capture the exhilaration of their wild ride. In “The Animals’ Santa” by Jan Brett, a little snow rabbit doubts the existence of the animals Santa, unitl his dramatic arrival as an exquisite snowy owl.  The tale is illustrated in Brett’s signature style. In “Simon and the Bear” by Eric Kimmel, one miracle follows another as a Jewish boy traveling to American finds himself stranded on an iceberg with only a polar bea for company. This Hanukkah tale is a sweet story with a message fit for any tradition.  “What Forest Knows” by George Lyon depicts the changing seasons and ever-moving life in nature.  Young and old can enjoy the “stunning illustrations and poetic text.”

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