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barryLooking for some St. Patrick themed reading to with your Guiness that offers a little more than Patrick  Taylor’s Irish Country ____?   Saint Patricks Batallion by James Thom is based on a obscure event, the Irish bridage that fought for Mexicso in the 1848 War.   Testimony of an Irish Slave Girl by Kate McCafferty tells the story of a kidnapped woman who is sold into slavery.  Year of the French by Thomas Flanagan is a multi-layered novel of an ill-fated rebellion vs British rule. How the Irish Saved Civilizaton by Thomas Cahill details who Irish monks saved learning during the decline of the West after the fall of Rome. And for present day shenanigans,  Roddy Doyles Barrytown trilogy, a fictional suburb on the north side of Dublin, serves an uprorious look at urban Eirie through the woking class Rabitte family (The Committments DVD is based on the 2nd story in the trilogy).  And Nua O’Faolins Are You Somebody talks about being Irish from a woman’s point of view.

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