From Book to Film

fiveAmong the new DVD arrivals are several brilliant film adaptations of familiar books.  “Outlander Season One” begins the cinematic version of Diana Gabaldon’s books about a British combat nurse who travels back in time the days of Prince Charlie’s rebellion and the arms of a Scottish warlord.   “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies” concludes Director Peter Jackson’s trilogy of the popular Tolkien children’s book.  In this episode, the fragile of alliance of men, dwarfs and elves is about to dissolve as a firey dragon and an army of Orcs threatens middle earth.  Jackson brings unexpected depth to Tolkien’s tale for children, making his three Hobbit films a visual feast that compares well to his epic “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.  And for film buffs, the extra features offer a revealing inside look at the art of movie-making.“Unbroken” is the film version of the popular book about Louie Zamperini, (Jack O’Connell), a former track star whose palne was shot down in the Pacific. He survived in a raft for 47 days before being captured by the Japanese.   Angelina Jolie’s film, which “hit the expected prestige-pic beats”, resonated with audiences (critics were not so receptive).   “Mockingjay, Part One” carries on the series of Hunger Games films based on Suzanne Collin’s young adult trilogy.  In this penultimate DVD,  Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) finds herself at the head of a rebellion that shatters the sacrificial games. Finally, “Atlas Shrugged III”, which concludes the Ayn Rand’s story about a future in which the  world’s creators go on strike, has the distinction of being the only film ever to score a 0% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes review site.   It was, however, endorsed by conservative radio hosts.

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