Literary Thrillers

boneCrime and suspense stories that break from genre conventions.  Not so faced-paced as some, but deeper in character and atmosphere.   “The Bone Tree” by Greg Iles continues the investigation of the death  of civil rights workers begun in “Natchez Burning.”   Steven King calls this story a “perfect marriage of a history lesson and a thriller.” “Falling in Love” by Donna Leon,   is an “audacious” investigation into the psychology of stalker (NY Times)”. Commissario Guido Brunetti comes to the aid of soprano Flaiva Petrelli when one of her fans appears to be getting out of hand.  In “Whispering  Shadows” Jan Philipp-Sendker,  has crafted a tale about a bereft man whose aimless existence is given meaning—and put into grave danger—when he helps an old friend, a Chinese homicide detective, find the truth behind the murder of an American businessman.  Equal parts crime thriller, romance, and the impact of China’s Cultural Revolution, this novel is at its heart “a story about the burden of survival.’  Finally, in “Killer Come Hither”, Louis Begley (About Schmidt) tries his hand at a literary thriller about a society gadfly who gets involved in a suicide investigation.

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