Foregin Affairs

zagrebCrime and suspense in continental settings.  In “Blood on Snow” by Jo Nesbø, Olav, a “fixer” for a drug kingpin gets an unusual task from his boss: to “fix” his wife, Corrine. But when Olav suspects that she’s being blackmailed, his sympathies begin to shift.  This is “an incendiary cocktail of murder and revenge [Sunday Mirror].” “The Lady from Zagreb” by Phillip Kerr takes series character Bernie Gunther back to 1942, where the former police officer is asked to take on a special case for the Nazis. Goebbels wants film star Dalia Dresner to return to Berlin, but when she demands that they find out what happened to her estranged father, Bernie gets the case. “Kerr combines a murder mystery that Raymond Chandler could have devised with a searing look at the inhumanity of the Nazis.”  Earlier this year, Joseph Kanon in Leaving Berlin penned a tense story about a German-American Jew who agrees to spy for the CIA in his native Germany to avoid repatriation. “All the Old Knives by Olen Steinhauser, a quiet dinner for provides the frame for a terrific thriller.   “Not since Le Carré has a writer so vividly evoked the deeply paranoid world of espionage (NYT).”

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