Drama with a capital D

smileyNew books featuring family dramas include “Early Warning” by Jane Smiley, which picks up where 2014’s “Some Luck” left off, at the death of patriarch Walter Langdon in 1955.  Here, the Langdons make their way through the Cold War and its fallout. “Inside the O’Brien’s” by Lisa Genova [“Still Alice”] begins with Boston police sgt. Joe O’Brien learning that he has a fatal degenerative disease.  Because the disease is hereditary, his diagnosis has implications for his children and his sister Katie.  “The Arsonist” by Sue Miller is a book club staple about a burned-out aid worker who returns to home for rest.  Peace, however, eludes her as she finds her parent’s marriage disintegrating and her community in distress over unexplained fires. This story will be read by the Bayswater Book Group in July.

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