Celebrate the 4th in style with a holiday-themed book or DVD

killer angelsRecent titles of interest include The Return of George Washington, Daniel Larson’s account of the founding father’s leaving retirement to help save a floundering republic, or Jonathan Horn’s The Man Who Would Not be Washington, which tells why Robert E. Lee served for a secessionist cause which he opposed. Paul Revere’s Ride by David Hackett Fischer revisits the “shot heard round the world”;  April Morning by Howard Fast tells that story for young readers.  Moving to DVDs, Gettsyburg, is an epic film of Michael Shaara’s novel The Killer Angels (well worth a read, as is Alan Guelzo’s history of the battle The Last Invasion). Or start the mini-series John Adams, with offers carries you through our country’s founding, or Ken Burn’s The Roosevelts, on our navigating into the 20th. Moved by last week’s events in Charlestown, there is the award winning film Selma, the story of a climactic event in the struggle for civil rights  (Tom Purdum’s book An Idea Whose Time has Come offers the historian’s perspective on those events, while Ready for a Brand New Beat by Mark Kurlansky tells how the pop song Dancing in the Streets became “an anthem for a changing America”).

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