Justified, Complete


The library just added the final season of the TV crime series Justified. Timothy Oliphant plays Raylan Givens, a member of the U.S. Marshal service who considers himself  something of an Old West lawman.  His unconventional methods get him transferred from Florida to his hometown of Harlan Kentucky.   There, he enforces his own brand of justice, often to the chagrin of his superiors.   Over six seasons, Raylon encounters pot growers, moonshiners, drug runners, Mafiosi, Mexican cartels, and several memorable hill-country clans, including the drug-running Crowders (season 1), the pot-farming Bennetts (season 2), the Afro-American Limehouse group (season 3), and the all-round crazy Crowes (season 5).

Developed by Graham Yost, Justified is based on master crime writer Elmore Leonard’s story “Fire in the Hole.”  While the later plots leave Leonard behind, the series remains true to his aesthetic, where the lines between law officers and outlaws is a thin one, the dialog is snappy, and everyone seems to have an axe to grind.  Episodes maintain a balance between gritty suspense and ironic humor. This is a distinctly American crime series. Its not overly concerened with whodunnit and its not polite.  Rather, as Slant Magazine says, “Justified’s rich vein of gallows humor, convincing sense of place, and twisty hillbilly-noir narratives are all selling points. And, “Olyphant’s devilish grin seals the deal.”

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