Three Adventurous Novels

numbersIn “The Book of Numbers’  by Joshua Cohen,  the enigmatic billionaire of the world’s most powerful tech company hires a failed novelist  to ghostwrite his memoirs.  Bit by bit, the writer finds himself being initiated to a secret pretext  for the autobiography project and the life-or-death stakes that surround its publication. This is “an ambitious and inspired attempt at the Great American Internet novel.”  “ Villa America” by Liza Klaussmann is about a real-life couple, Sara and Gerald Murphy, who made their  make their home at Cap d’Antibes into a popular salon during the 1920s. This story “is so artful and compassionate that I couldn’t fail to love the Murphys and everyone who fell into their orbit during those Lost Generation years.” In “The Marriage of Opposites”  by Alice  Hoffman, the headstrong daughter of a Jewish merchant, is swept into an encompassing love that scandalizes her community  but produces a son, Camille, whose peculiar way of seeing foretells  French Impressionism.  “Lilting prose, beautifully meted out folklore and soild characterization make reading this “contes du temps passé” a total pleasure.”

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