Crime Fiction, the British Way

patternFans of British crime writers will want to read “A Pattern of Lies”by Charles Todd and “in the Dark Places” by Peter Robinson.   In “A Pattern of Lies” by Charles Todd, a chance encounter with a former patient lands Bess Crawford in the midst of a disturbing mystery.  The patient,  Maj. Mark Ashton, reveals that an explosion at his father’s armaments factory, which caused 100 deaths, is now rumored to have been sabotage and that his father was responsible.  Bess agrees to seek out a witness in France, an act which puts her own life in danger.  “Bess’ seventh case. . . does its strong, determined heroine credit.” (Kirkus Reviews).     “In the Dark Places” by Peter Robinson begins with a routine investigation into the disappearance of a tractor, one which leads to more sinister revelations. It appears that the theft may be tied to a smuggling operation. Suspicion falls on a neighbor’s troubled son, as the young man and a friend have disappeared. This is “classic Robinson: labyrinthine plot merged with deft characterization  (The Observer).”

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