Other gumshoe re-treads

In addition to the Parker characters mentioned in our last blog post, three other detective characters have been brought back to good effect.  Currently on the bestseller lsit is “The Girl in the Spider’s Web,” David Lagercrantz‘s new story featuring the late  Stieg Larsson‘s Lisbeth Saladner, which, says Kirkus Reviews, is  “fast-moving, credible, and intelligently told.”  Sophie Hannah’s “The Monogram Murders (2014)”, which revived Agatha Christie’s iconic Hercule Poirot, has “enough twists, turns, revelations and suspects” for a “most satisfying red-herring stew (Washington Post)”.   Anthony Hurwitz (“Foyle’s War”), has created two authorized Sherlock Holmes stories, “House of Silk” and “Moriarty”, tales which “should silence the objections of even the most persnickety Sherlock scholar (NPR).”   And Benjamin Black’s “The Black-Eyed Blonde” (2014), breathes life into PI Philip Marlowe. Black, pseudonym of John Banville, has crafted a new tale about a dame brimming with secrets and lies (Parker wrote his own Marlowe tribute when he completed Chandlers’ draft of Poodle Springs.).  The Hurwitz’s Holmes books and Poodle Springs are available at the Nichols Library.   Hannah’s Poirot and Black/Banville’s Marlowe can be requested from another library.

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