Real-life family dramas

rosegold ladyRosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter by Kate Clifford Larson.  When the younger sister of John F. Kennedy exhibited developmental delays, the family first tried to present her as  normal. In her twenties, her father, fearing  embarrassment, had her lobotomized.   Her story  should appeal not only to those interested in all things Kennedy, but to readers interested in the history of mental health and the development of care for people with special needs.   The Lady in Gold by Anne Marie O’Connor  is a story about the creation, theft and recovery of Gustav Klimt’s modernist masterpiece.  The selection of Klimt to paint Bloch-Bauer’s  portrait raised eyebrows. His works has scandalized Vienese socierty and he was a notorious libertine.  Yet after its recovery from the Nazis, the Austrians refused to return the painting to surviving family members.  Author O’Connor blends elements of melodrama, Holocaust memories and courtroom drama into a readable whole.

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