The Long Awaited Sequel to The Ice Limit

Beyond the Ice Limit

In The Ice Limit,  through a combination of arrogance and unintended consequences  during Eli Glinn’s  undertaking to clandestinely remove a giant meteor from an island off  the coast of South America, ended in tragedy and disaster. Yet, the disaster continues, and of course, only Eli Glinn can fix it. According to the authors, “Many of you have been waiting a very long time–some as long as fifteen years!–for the sequel to our novel, The Ice Limit The Ice Limit was a dark story with a deeply enigmatic ending. At the time, we believed no further explanation of that ending was required. As with the famous Twilight Zone episode, ‘To Serve Man,’ there appeared only one obvious outcome for the human race after the final page was turned. Or so we thought.” Continues here…

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