2 Foreign Film Classics

HowardHowards End” (1992) is a British romantic drama film based upon E. M. Foster’s novel about class relations and social mores, as told through the intertwined fates of three families, the wealthy Wilcoxes,  the genteel Schlegel sisters, and the struggling Basts, who come together over the inheritance of the titular estate.  The film is classic Merchant ivory material, with a sharp eye to character, period detail and social nuances  “The Counterfeiters” is a film version of Operation Bernhard, a Nazi plan to destabilize Great Britain’s economy by flooding England with forged pound notes. At the center of the plot is a Jewish counterfeiter, Salomon ‘Sally’ Sorowitsch, a prisoner at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, who is coerced into forging British pound notes.  This intense drama took the academy award for best foreign film in 2008, as well as numerous European honors. Both DVDs are part of our Scrooge and Marley traveling DVD collection.

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