Deep Reads

barkFor readers who want a little more in their summer reading then surf and thrills. “Barkskins” by Annie Proulx traces the interconnected lives of two families in New France, who find work as indentured “barkskins,” or woodcutters.  The Dequets, who become owners of a timber company, achieve wealth and power; the Sels remain on the margins of society.   This is “the kind of immersive reading experience that only comes along every few years (Publishers Weekly).” In “The Mandibles” by Lionel Shriver, the replacement of the dollar by a new global currency threatens the inherited wealth of the Mandible family.  Booklist found this to be “a sharp, smart, satire. ”  The selections in “The Best American Short Stories of 2015”  are less epic than “Barkskins” but are no less engrossing.  Editor T.C. Boyle favors dark tales, but ones with  “strange, bright moments.   “Confrontational and at times confounding, these stories gratefully chart a path homeward (Kirkus Reviews). “

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