Suspense, Olympics style

raceIn “You Will Know Me” by Megan Abbott, an Olympic athlete is killed in a hit-and-run accident only months before the qualifiers.  The gym where he trained becomes awash in controversy as the gymnasts try to keep up their training, their parents try to keep them on track, and everyone wonders  who  had it in them to mow their star down.  Abbott’s storytelling has depth that reaches “the edge of the literary” while still “making your skin crawl (Newsday).”   James Patterson’s “The Games” has the Private agency investigating threats in Rio. For conventional sports story telling, “Race” (2016) and “Chariots of Fire” (classic) probe the personal dramas behind the events. “Rome 1960” by David Maraniss recalls the games where doping scandals, shoe endorsement, live TV coverage, and political controversies challenged old school notions of amateurism.

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