Off the radar: crime

forceJust as some boaters prefer to explore side channels and bays rather than sail up the broads, so some readers like to explore books that fly under the bestseller radar.   Here are three crime novels (2 debuts) that are worth a look.  In The Force by Don Winslow (The Cartel),  veteran PD sergeant Denny Malone’s task force bends rules to the limit,  until a multimillion-dollar heroin bust gets the attention of the Feds and puts Malone on the hot seat. The Dry by Jane Harper is a “stunning debut” about an apparent murder-suicide in a small outback town. Little Deaths by Emma Flint is based on a 1965 case about a single mother who becomes the prime suspect for her children’s abduction, told with  “feverish, summer-sticky” suspense.

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