6 on ’16

strangersThe Unwinding” by George Packer details the slow fall from 80’s prosperity to the partial recovery from ’08. “Strangers in their own Land”   by Arlie Russell Hochschild profiles Tea Partiers who feel triply marginalized by flat wages, rapid demographic change, and liberal culture.  “Hillbilly Elegy” by J.D. Vance is a personal account with similar themes. “Listen, Liberal” by Thomas Frank asks why Democrats are no longer seen as a party of the people. “The Populist Explosion” by John B. Judis notes how the ’08 recession fed a distrust of elites and gave rise to both right and left wing populism.  “White Trash” by Nancy Isenberg argues that the election has not changed things all that much.

About Nichols Memorial Library

Institutional account for James E Nichols Memorial Library in Center Harbor NH.
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