Fall Classics!

Ok, so we just saw a great World Series, Washington vs Houston, that went 7 games before the Nationals* prevailed. Now, its time to get down with the fall suspense classics, Child vs Grisham. In Blue Moon by Lee Child, Jack Reacher comes to the aid of an elderly couple, which naturally puts him in the line off fire between 2 rival gangs. Nothing that Jack can’t handle, of course. In The Guardians by John Grisham, Guardian Ministries takes up the case of a man who claims his innocence in the death of a small-town lawyer. Naturally, pow’ful interests do not want the truth to out. and therein lies the rub.

Pres. Coolidge and Senator caucusing.

*Baseball in Washington has a twisted history. Two Washington teams, both played as the Nationals in 1884, one for the American and one for the Union Association. A National League club, also called the Nationals, was formed in 1886. All 3 franchises folded. Next up were the The Washington Statesmen (American Assoc, 1891), who jumped to the National League and changed their name to the Senators. That franchise folded in 1889, just in time for the new American League to found a Senators franchise. This one played until 1956, winning one world series along the way, before moving to Minneapolis and being dubbed the Twins. A second AL Senators franchise lasted for 10 years (1961-71), before becoming the Texas Rangers. The present Nats franchise were created by the relocation of the Montreal Mets, a National League team, in 2005. This franchise was the first of these various Senators and Statesmen to win a World Series since the AL club in 1924.

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