Action, adventure, drama

The Andromeda Evolution is a sequel to Michael Chrichton’s original techno-thriller.  Fifty years ago, an extraterrestrial microbe nearly ended the human race.  The threat appeared to have ended, until a terrain-mapping drone detects a bizarre anomaly  in the Brazilian jungle. Veteran sci-fi writer Daniel Wilson takes Crichton’s idea and runs with it. In Sword of Kings by Bernard Cornwell, rivals for the throne of their ailing king may split the the united kingdoms of Wessex and Mercia. The key to the kingdom’s fate lies with Uthred, the independent lord of Northumbria.  In The Third Mrs. Durst by Ann Aguirre, a controlling husband and his trophy wife are headed toward a fatal confrontation.

About Nichols Memorial Library

Institutional account for James E Nichols Memorial Library in Center Harbor NH.
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