The Nichols Library Podcast Episode Five

On this episode of the Nichols Library Podcast, Aisilyn and William introduce a new segment to the show called “A Minute’s Worth of News,” a bite-sized, news story from the library world that reflects major trends and developments in the field. The first edition of this segment provides an update on the dispute between the Internet Archives and several major publishers that was discussed in Episode Three. The Readers’ Rundown on this episode includes Saved by Benjamin Hall, Victory City by Salman Rushdie, Lone Women by Victor Lavelle, and Old Babes in the Wood by Margaret Atwood. All of the items featured on this episode are highly anticipated, and we feel that all of our patrons will enjoy at least one of them. 

This episode’s discussion marks the end of The Nichols Library’s celebration of National Poetry Month. Aisilyn and William reflect on all things poetic including their experiences with poetry, why some people may be reluctant to read it, the power of poetry in its ability to inspire wonder, the role of Inaugural poetry in American culture, Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem “The Hill We Climb,” and the contemporary renaissance of poetry as a genre!

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