Vital Records of Center Harbor, NH

Our vitals database is offline as the original software it was created on is no longer supported.  A new link is coming soon.  Meanwhile, paper records in the library remain searchable for genealogy emergencies!

The database of  marriages, births and deaths in Center Harbor, NH was compiled from the original town reports. It has been created to assist patrons and genealogists tracing their family histories. Currently, records included range from 1800 – 1905. We hope to add more records in the future. Records not included in this database can still be accessed at the Nichols Memorial Library in Center Harbor. Family history researchers can also our cemetery map and the Ancestry and Heritage Quest databases.

Data this database was complied from Center Harbor NH, Record of Marriages, Births and Deaths.  Concord NH (E. Easton), Vol. 1 1850-1899 and V. 2 1899-1937. Database design and technical assistance was provided by Bobbie Slossar of the NH State Library.