Steaming audio and digital on Hoopla!

hoopla2   About Hoopla. The Nichols Library is partnering with Hoopla Digital to provide on-demand access to eBooks, audios, music and movies (“on  demand” means no waiting!) .  Borrowers can stream content online or download to a mobile device.    Connect to Hoopla

Creating your Hoopla Account.  To create your Hoopla account, connect to Hoopla and click on the  Screenshot_2019-02-08 hoopla digital audiobooks, ebooks, movies, tv and comics button.  You will be prompted to provide an email address and to create password.  You will then be asked to select Nichols Library and enter your card number. And that’s it–you will be ready to stream content!

Rules of the Road.  Audios and eBooks circulate for three weeks, music for 1 week, movies for 3 days.  There are no waiting lists –content is available on demand.  Patrons may borrow up to four items a month.