Sources for school kids

Get homework done on time and in style!  Your primary, middle and HS students can use these sources to find encyclopedia entries, biographies, and current events stories that will leave teachers smiling.  Meanwhile help  you grow a reader with NovelList K-8.  Here’s a quick overview of our homework databases. Click on the logo to visit the site. 

Explora offers colorful, easy-to-use age-based topic searches for elementary and primary learners. Content includes Primary Search and Funk and Wagnell’s New World Encyclopedia. Login to Explora for Kids or Explora for Students with your library card.

Middle Search provides articles from 45 magazines covering general topics for middle and jr. high school students. Login with your library card.

Topic Search is a current events database that has 400,000+ articles, an online dictionary,  news stories, biographies, polls, book reviews and more.  Login to Topic Search with your library card.

NovelList K-8 connects your kids  with stories that they will want to read, based based on authors and titles that they have already read and enjoyed.  Login to NovelList K-8 with your library card.

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