Reference databases for student, home and professional use

NHewLink   offers access to journal articles, health info, current events, and resources for business and education professionals.  The databases require a password, which are listed in our user guide). In consists of Nichols M and our zip code.  Ready to search?  Enter NHewLink now.  

NHewLink resources include:

Journal articles and news.  Academic Search PremirMasterfile and Newspaper search  connects you to full text articles for school, professional or personal research.

Homework help. Middle Search, Primary Search, &  Topic Search provide encyclopedia entries, biographies,  and news stories on topics ranging from animals and the environment to countries and events. Searchasaurus is a colorful, easy-to-use interface for elementary students.

Advice for readers.  NoveList and Novelist Plus (K-8) connects readers with books and authors with similar themes and styles to story o ones they have already read and enjoyed.  You can also go to NoveList for reviews and book discussion guides.

Health informationHealth Source, Pub Med, Medline Plus and the Drug Information Portal  provide info on general health, food and nutrition, childcare, medications and sports medicine

Info for businessesBusiness Source provides articles on business trends, management, economics, finance, banking, and accounting.

Info for educators. ERIC helps education professionals stay up-to-date in their field.

These databases are hosted by the NH State Library in conjunction with Ebcsco, one of the  leading database providers for libraries.


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