Your summer Silva

dannyboy.jpg  Daniel Silva has, admirably, not hopped on the bandwagon of flooding the market with frequent releases.  He limits his output to one book a year. They are always eagerly awaited.  In this year’s installment of the Garbriel Allon saga, The Other Woman, Israeli intelligence tries to save a blown Russian agent. The plan is for him to find sanctuary in the U.K.  When things go wrong, Allon and his team join forces with MI6 and the CIA to unearth one of the Kremlin’s highest-placed moles. The verdict?  “Gripping as always and grimly realistic” (Kirkus Reviews).

*Robert Crais, Paul Doiron, the late Sue Grafton, Elin Hilderbrand, and Peter Robinson have also bucked the trend.

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Do drop in

hang.jpg  There’s a place at the table for you here.

Even if you have no particular place to go, our air-conditioned library is a great place to come and get out of the humidity for a while. Read the paper, browse the web, peek at a book and find a DVD for later.  Have kids to entertain?  The library has a ton of picture books. easy readers and stories that even reluctant readers can find gripping.  Older kids are welcome to use our wifi network and PCs, as long as that’s ok with you.  Traveling during the summer? The library has tour guides you can consult, plus pocket books, CDs, ebooks or a Kindle for your trip.   No library card?  The Nichols Library registers residents and non-residents alike. We just require some proof of address.  And since new books, CDs and DVDs materials are coming every week, there is always something fresh to take a look at.

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UPS Drop

upsdrop.jpg    The man in the little brown truck dropped off a box of new books today. These are all prepped and ready to go out–just in time for some rainy weather!

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Don’t Pass on this!

Enjoy outdoor New England, courtesy of the Nichols library.   Our pass to the Squam Lakes Science Center provides discounted access to the site’s live animal exhibits and woodlands trails. It is the only AZA-accredited facility in northern New England. Our pass to Castle in the Clouds grants discounted admission to the Lucknow estate, a classic example of the Craftsman Style, which features many innovations for its period.  And the views are spectacular.  Walkers and hikers can consult our local guides and online trail maps.

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Heiner Memorial Installed

FullSizeRender  On Wednesday, a stone bench dedicated to the memory of Dr. Jay Heiner was installed on the library’s grounds.  Dr Heiner, who passed away in 2016, touched many lives. He was beloved by his family, friends, the medical professionals he worked with, and the patients he treated. Jay was a prolific reader and a lifelong student. He kept the library staff busy with his many requests for rare materials.  His interests were diverse.  He read deeply in the fields of theology and comparative religion, but also enjoyed thrillers and the “magical characters of The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter”.   The bench, dedicated to this “Lover of Books”, is for all who share his delight in reading and learning.

IMG-1649 .  IMG-1652

Jeff Haynes and crew setting and leveling the bench.

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DVD series update

Series fans can tune into the 5th season of “Orange is the New Black”.  At the end of season 4, the women prisoners had rioted following (spoiler alert!) the murder of Poussey by one of the guards.  The new season picks up with the prisoners holding hostages and rogue guards planning an assault on the compound.  Outlander 3 finds our heroine back in the 20th century and inexplicably pregnant (time travel will do that).    “Tyler Perry’s Acrimony” is a series about a wife’s revenge on her husband. Out And “ Homeland 6”, released earlier this year, is a timely drama about a CIA plot to compromise a new president while The Americans (seasons 1-5) is a gripping dram about Russian sleeper agents in the US during the Reagan years.

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prettyReboots of older movies seem to be a thing this summer.  “Tomb Raider” updates the Lara Croft series. Alicia Vikander (“Danish Girl”) plays a more vulnerable Croft, the action is less super-hero like, and the plot device, the discovery of the tomb of a Japanese shaman, has potential.  “I Feel Pretty” (Amy Schumer) is a fresh spin on “Big”. It’s about a  young women whose bump in the head changes how she feels about her looks.   “A Wrinkle in Time”, the story about a girl travels in time to find her missing father, is a glossier production the 2004 TV version and its more studious-looking lead might be truer to  Madeline Engle’s original story. “Jumanji: Back to the Jungle ” features Jack Black pinch-hitting for the late Robin Williams. “7 Days in Entebbe”, the story of the famed hostage rescue, has bigger explosions than the 1997 Charles Bronson feature.

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