Computers, Wifi, Copying, Scans and FAX

Pandemic Printing.  Although we are not able to provide computer access while the building is closed, our WiFi server is on and accessible from curbside. We can also print, FAX or scan documents for you. Send a link to your document and we can FAX it, scan a digital copy and send it to you or print out copies for you to pickup. 

Computer Workstations. The Nichols Library provides three computer workstations for public interent access and software applications.  Users are asked to sign-in before using one of the workstations.  Children up to the age of 8 must have a parent or guardian assisting them. Software applications on the workstations include Microsoft Word, Excell (spreadsheet) and PowerPoint software.  The workstations also provide a link to the Ancestry geneological research database.

Wifi network. The Library maintains an open wifi network.  The network name is center2.  There is no password required for access. The wifi server can be accessed from both inside and outside the library.   The wifi server remains open except for periodic maintenance.

Printing, FAXing, and Scanning.  Laser Printer. our computer workstations are linked to a laser printer which can make black and white (.15/page) or color (.30/page) copies.   FAXing. Patrons can send FAXes within the United States.    Charges are .50 for up to five pages, $1.00 for up to 10 pages and $.50 page for each additional page after 10. Scanning. The library can scan documents for patrons for .50/page. Scanned documents can be printed on request. Printing charges are .15 for black and white and .30 for color.   Photocopies can be made for .10/page (black and white only).

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