Computers, Wifi, Copying, Scans and FAX

Computer Workstations: The Nichols Library provides two computer workstations for public internet access and software applications.  Users are asked to sign-in before using one of the workstations.  Children up to the age of 8 must have a parent or guardian assisting them. Software applications on the workstations include Microsoft Word, Excel (spreadsheet) and PowerPoint software.  The workstations also provide a link to the Ancestry genealogical research database.

Wi-Fi network: The Library maintains an open Wi-Fi network.  The network name is Center Harbor Patron.  There is no password required for access. The Wi-Fi server can be accessed from both inside and outside the library.   The Wi-Fi server remains open except for periodic maintenance.

Printing, FAX-ing, and Scanning: Our computer workstations are linked to a laser printer which can make black and white ($.25/page) or color ($.50/page) copies. FAX-ing: Patrons can send FAXes within the United States. Charges are $1.00 for each page. Scanning: The library can scan documents for patrons for $.50/page. Scanned documents can be printed on request. Printing charges are $.25 for black and white and $.50 for color.   Photocopies can be made for .10/page (black and white only).

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