Download eBooks and audio from NH/Overdrive

NH/Overdrive provides eBooks, audios and magazines. You can watch a short video on getting started with Overdrive, or go to go to Overdrive now.

Overdrive apps.  Overdrive works best with software app. They let you connect directly to the Overdrive site and download your books without having to search for the webpage.   The Overdrive App interfaces with MAC, Android, Fire, PC and Chrome devices.  The Libby App (Android, iOS, and Windows 10)  has an interactive interface.  Get these apps from your App Store or Play Store.

First-time users:  Read or download our guide to downloading eBooks and audios from NHDB.    Watch a video on how to use the NHBD Overdrive system. Links for additional videos on using specific devices appear in the left menu.  

For step-by step guides for using your Kindle, Nook, tablet or other devices, visit the NHDB blog. Look up your device in the application menu bar on the right of the screen.

New in 2015: Downloadable magazines!  Read our guide to eMagazines or visit the Digital Magazines link at the NHDB Blog.

Frequently asked Questions:

  • Who can download from NHDB? Anyone with a valid Nichols Library card!
  • What do you need?  A computer, web access and a compatible media player (see NH Audio for a list of compatible devices).
  • How does it work? At the NHDB  website, log in as Nichols Library and enter your library card number. Browse titles and add them to your cart. Download them (3 at a time) to your computer and transfer them to a portable player (either WMA or MP3 compatible). You can burn selected titles to a CD.
  • How long do I keep them?  items stay on your player for two weeks.
  • What if the book I want is checked out?  You can place reserves to be put on a wait list for popular titles. You will be notified by email when your requested title becomes available. You have 48 hours to download the book. If you already have 3 titles checked out, you may not check out your reserved title. So be careful how many checkouts and you reserves you have at one time.

NHDB is hosted by the New Hampshire State Library in partnership with member libraries and OverDrive media services.


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