travelingcatThe Travelling Cat Chronicles” by Hiro Arikawa, is a gentle story about, Nana,  a recused cat whose person, Satoru, one day departs from their routine and takes her on a meandering road trip.  It’s all great fun, but to what end?   Arikawa artfully portrays Nana’s “catness,” and the gentle soul of Satoru, who has “learned to allow the trials of life to strengthen him and polish his spirit Kirkus Reviews) “.

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Winter cozies

t-wifeSet in the swingin’ big band era of the 1940s, Tony’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani tells the story of two working class kids who become a singing act. Success is more on their mind than romance, but that follows.  Then what? The romance or the road or the pleasures of home?  Meanwhile, in “Homeward Hound” by Rita Mae Brown, the annual Christmas hunt is disrupted by (what else?) the discovery of a body….

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Behind the curtain

universe“How to Love the Universe by Stefan Klein is a “scientist’s odes to the hidden beauty behind the visible world”.  “Einstein’s Shadow by Seth Fletcher tells how about the effort to take a picture of a black hole, putting Einstein’s theory of relativity to the its  test and raising questions about the nature of reality.



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UPS drop!


16 new titles. All processed and ready to borrow.  Details to follow.

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A simple twist of fate

tailsIn 1968, after his father is assassinated by the KGB, Alexander Karpenko flips a coin to decide whether he should immigrate (desperately) to London or to New York. Readers get two versions of what might have happened, depending on the outcome of that flip.  Booklist says that Archer’s “writing and characterizations are superb. Also, “the book features several plot twists…that should make readers’ jaws drop”.

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Cozy companions

cattleMma Ramotswe (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency) gets involved in a divisive council election. At stake? A resort hotel project.  “Through it all, Mma Ramotswe uses her good humor and generosity of spirit to help the community navigate divisive issues.”   Cozy fans might also try Death of a Ringer by M. C Beaton and Look Alive 25 by Janet Evanovich.

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Dream weaver

beau-hallAs durable as the author’s surname, Danielle Steel’s stories continue to entrance.  In her latest, Beachamp Hall, a down-on-her-luck American woman decamps for England, to live in the shadow of the estate where her favorite TV series is filmed. What happens next is ‘the stuff of dreams’ …..

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